Game mode default player change??

Once I’ve created a game mode and play my game I’m doing everything through another pair of eyes…not the character ive already had…ow can I change that??

thanks :wink:

Sorry from your question I am not sure what you mean?

Did you create a new pawn and want to use that or did you want a different camera view?

I have a player I’ve been using. But then I created a game mode so I could mess with HUD. When I created the game mode when I play now I feel like i’m just flying around. I’m not the same character I was. Can I assign my other BP to be the player again?

Did you try to use other gamemode you made as a parent of new one? then it should copy all properties

I hadn’t created a game mode until just now. I had a level built. Using the first person template. When I created a game mode now I’m no longer using the first person player that you were given. How can I assign him now?

ok click on the world settings at the top goto gamemode and then in there you should see the controller, hud, and pawn settings. set the play pawn to your BP character class.

PERFECT! thanks.