Game mode crashing editor. Can't figure out why

Hey there. Last week, my UE4 project started crashing whenever I loaded Editor. I was able to narrow it down to my Game Mode BP. Something in that is crashing the editor. I’ve tried both 4.8 and 4.9 on both Mac and Windows. No joy. Alas, since I can’t open the bloody thing without Editor crashing, I have no way to debug the thing. The message I get in the crash dialog isn’t overly helpful. On the Mac, I’m seeing a lot of “filename not found” without it saying what filename it’s looking for. On the windows side, I see it looking for a file in “[File:D:\BuildFarm…]” which obviously doesn’t exist on my windows system. So, any advice on how I can further debug this and figure out what about this BP is causing my editor to crash everywhere? I’ll attach the crash report for both Mac and Win for people’s perusal. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s brought poor Zeustiak’s work to a grinding halt and I’d like to rectify that ASAP. Cheers,


I can’t seem to attach files. The crash reports are both less then 150K. It says the max is 5 MB. Does it not allow .txt extension files? I’ll try zipping it up…


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i realize this is an older thread, but a way to debug this is to go into your config files, and change your startup level to ‘entry’ or any level that doesn’t implement your game mode. i have this issue from time to time as well, and thanks to murphy’s law, usually right before a critical presentation, lol. but if you change your startup level manually in the config file, you can at least open the editor. after that you should be able to open the blueprint to try and recompile whatever the problem is…which may or may not crash the editor again, but at least the log from that might be a little more helpful.