Game mode breaks when not opening a struct first, causes crash

Recently ran into an issue where the editor wouldn’t open. It would crash on every attempt. So, I changed the config file to start up with an empty map. This allowed the editor to open, however attempting to open any game mode caused links to break and ‘placeholder’ variables to take over the blueprint. Research indicates this may be a cyclical dependency problem, but i haven’t been able to find the issue. What i did find, is that if i open a custom struct BP prior to opening the game mode, the game mode doesn’t break links and does not create placeholder variables.

What’s odd about this is that it never happened in the past, and i can’t find the offending asset, because it never happened in the past. Any new assets created have been removed from the past day and the problem persists.

Any thoughts on how to trouble shoot this? I have been able to mitigate crashes by opening the struct first, but this will cause problems down the road…

any help in the matter is appreciated.

Never fail to solve the issue (sort of) shortly after reverting to answerhub posting…

Was finally able to generate a crash log with some helpful information which pertained to the crash. I’m not sure if it was a cyclical dependency, but it was an issue with the struct. I had default variables initialized in the custom struct, and when the game mode loaded, for some reason it couldn’t find the struct. when i removed all of the default variable settings and just let them be zero, false, null, etc, the struct was then readable (or findable?) by the game mode. the crashes were a byproduct of the broken game mode dependencies in that the game’s defaults were never initialized so levels would crash on load. i’m not sure why this issue happened all of a sudden, because this struct hasn’t changed for several weeks, but in any case, have been able to restore most of what broke after i fixed the struct.