[GAME] MILDAS - Space Adventure

Hello all!

I want to show you all my first game, it’s nothing special but it was a personal wish to make one. I have never learned how to code and with a really nice community here and a bunch of video tutorials I finally made a playable version of it. I started to learn about two years ago and this was actually the first project which was on delay for over a year and a half because i wanted to make a game with more complex things and of course over time I had 4 projects opened with no gameplay at all, just a LOT of hours in it.

So the game name is MILDAS - Space Adventure and basically it’s a space shooter :slight_smile:

I used all of 3D models from different places, but all the other stuff is made by myself (UI, audio,…)

So my plan is to make regular updates and someday to actually finish the project!

You can download it from here and I would be really pleased to get some feedback on it :slight_smile:
You can also add me on discord: AMDeluxe#0062

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