Game Menus with Html and Css in Desktop Games? Even better alterantives for RTS menus?

Hello everyone,

i want to create a simulation/manager game where most of the time you are inside your “menu”, managing your stuff, buying, selling.
But i also want to have a 3d Simulation for the matches in each turn.
So you start managing your squad, train it, equip it etc and at the end of your turn, there will be a simulated event which should be animated.

My question is, what could be best practice if i would like to be flexible and also productive. I could imagine running this game on android or ios aswell, but it should primarely be a desktop game.
But if porting would be tons of work afterwards, i would consider developing it for android aswell, right from the start.

Also what is important to me, do i need to build the managing game within the unreal engine? If yes, how may i build it the most efficient way? It should be responsive of course.
Is running javascript, html and css within unreal engine? Is there a way to build a backend within the unreal engine well?

Or can i even program my own backend and frontend and implementing an additional simulation frame with an api?

Maybe some may understand more, what i am talking about, if i explain more about myself and about my skills.
I am a Cloud/Web App developer and can program in C#,Java, Go and php. Because i am full stack, i can also program frontend in html, css and javascript. I would also prefer using some framework like react or vue. But for my Web Apps, i have a different dev ops approach. I run my software with docker and docker-compose and i have no clue, if i could make it run within a gaming engine. Are there already solutions available?
Programming in C++ is also a hobby and i like to animate aswell. I can also sculpt and paint textures myself. So i guess i am some kind of one man army :smiley:
Thats the reason, why i would realy love to have a 3d simulation for my “manager browser like game”

I could imagine to send Data via Rest Api, using a database to share data is also an idea. But still, i don’t know if there is a http router implemented in unreal engine aswell.

Well i guess i would not need all that stuff and i realy don’t want to overengineer everything in a useless way. I am just not that satisfied with the way UE implemented GUI and Widgets. Maybe there are also better alternatives or maybe i lack in knowledge, how to use it the right way.

Every video tutorials i found so far was realy bad in quality. Only the most basic essentials, i didn’t even find one great source for high quality solutions for realy amazing looking menues. Like the ones you know in most strategic games.

This might be what you’re looking for…