Game Mechanics, Vehicular Combat

Hello ue4 community, i’m developing a vehicular combat game for my graduation project in my college.

I’m searching for some tutorials, I already have a good landscape, a vehicle and a minigun. But now i need to link the minigun to the car and make the custom projectile ( already have the tutorial)

Btw, my question is, where I can find a tutorial for doing a HP system + hit test system, respawn/Death system, score system? ( I dont have c++ knowledge, so if you guys can teach me in blueprints it will be a lot easier).

Thanks for the attention!

respawn/checkpoint: ?v=BD-QTsMtxno
score: depends on what exactly you want to create :slight_smile:
Minigun: create an actor bp with your gun and attach it to your vehicle
“weapon bp” -> https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?55508-How-to-integrate-Military-Weapons-pack-into-FPS&highlight=weapon
attach -> (works nearly the same in an actor bp)

You could also use some of the stuff from the ShooterGame sample which you can download from the UE4 launcher. Just migrate over the stuff you need (HP System, hit system, etc) from the ShooterGame sample to your project.

Of course, you should still look at the tutorials to give yourself an idea of how it all works, even if you don’t fully understand it, if that makes sense. :slight_smile: