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Im starting to make a survival/adventure rpg game.
its set on a cold planet where hypothermia is always creeping around corner, food is scarce and strange beasts walk the planets surface, caves provide little shelter from ruthless blizzards and hail storms. for long distances you will need multiple heat sources on the way( like camp fires and suchs)

but i have no clue how to implement these features. how would one do like a snowfall event with blueprints? or hypothermia and food bars and their depletion. hail storm that takes away health piece by piece? any help would be appreciated!! and if anyone wants to collab on this project feel free to say so, game will be 100% freeware since i dont want to pay rojalties and i have student license maya and mudbox, even tho i suck at modeling.

and another note if anyone wants to donate some textures and models for this project pm me! thanks again

Hunger and stamina systems have been discussed a few times. Try a search. :slight_smile:

well that covers those. that leaves the weather and dat stuff.

A few of the Epic templates have dust mote particles floating around in the air. You could probably find that and modify it to your needs.

that doesnt come even close to what i want. i want changing weather for like snowfall, blizzard and hailstorm. sorta like the system Hourences has in Solus.
i have the hypothermia system in order already :slight_smile: player has about 10 minutes until freezing to death from full body temp and will gain warmth by standin near fire

i have a particle blue print of a fire wich has a large sphere attached to it and im trying to make it so when character enter that it will gain warmth over time but i cant figure out how i should do that, my hypothermia meter is made from tesladevs hunger meter.

When the player overlap the trigger use a interface to send the info to the player.

do the what now? how is that going to give it warmth over time, like lets say max warmth is 400. and i want standing near the fire give me 10 warmth per second

Well the interface allows you to transmit and change the data throughout the game.

Check out this video and change it to suite you. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Fuel System (Pickup/HUD) - YouTube

He is actually making a tutorial for Solus (not just one mechanic, but the entire game). You should check it out:

What erWilly means by "When the player overlap the trigger use a interface to send the info to the player. " is that you should make a campfire blueprint that has some sort of box/sphere component that when the player stands in it (Overlap Event) it will trigger a function or event that adds to the Hypothermia variable. You could use a Blueprint Interface, Cast Call or custom event to communicate to the player BP.

See these links:

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I hope this helps