[GAME] Martian in the Middle

Martian in the Middle

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Martian in the Middle is a 3D arcade score-attack game built in UE4 for mobile platforms. As a one-man team, I served as director, designer, 3D artist, UI artist, programmer, and tester. I made everything you see in the game, including 3D models, materials, textures, animations, user interface, programming / logic, character designs, level design - essentially everything that isn't music or sound effects. (I created only some of the sound effects - the cows' moo is actually my own voice. :P)

I designed Martian in the Middle with compatibility in mind for a wide range of mobile devices. All models use unlit materials, with lighting information baked into textures in Blender Cycles for shading effects. The game is fairly lightweight as a result, and performance remains high on any mid- to high-end Android device.

Martian in the Middle is available for Android on Google Play. Other mobile platforms (iOS, etc) and stores will soon follow. Download now for free on your Android phone and tablet!


Looks like fun. How long have you been working on it and which version(s) of the engine are you using?

I started working on it in mid-March, so development took about 2-3 months, working on it in my free time only. It would’ve taken only 1 month if I didn’t have college/work interrupting me. :slight_smile:

I always used the very latest stable release of the engine, and kept it updated whenever there was a new update. As of the game’s release, it’s using 4.7.6.