(GAME)Making my first game with Unreal, Pixar/Disney inspired RPG

Started working with Unreal Engine a few days ago, am finding it quite difficult compared to Unity, but it’s a very exciting engine. I’m making a Pixar/Disney inspired RPG with turn based combat, about a girl making up a story about her favorite toy going missing on a boring afternoon, recruiting her other toys to help her battle an evil force and recover her lost friend. I had the idea after watching my niece play and had a dream that night about the story and game. Obviously inspired by things like Toy Story and the combat system I have in mind is very much inspired by Final Fantasy and other JRPGs. Still working on getting animations in for the character and setting up the environment for her to be able to move freely (when I first started she didn’t move at all because of colliders and gravity and a whole bunch of other stuff).

I’m very excited (but intimidated) to start learning more about actually crafting and honing my game, no matter how challenging!

A little prototype I’ve put together with the character (sadly for now) floating through the environment. You can at least get a feel for the game and for a few days messing around with the program I’m happy with where it’s at. When I first dropped her in she didn’t even move because of all the colliders and gravity settings on the environment lol.


Just a heads up - that video demo link seems to be down.