[game] major chimp

Hi guys,

My name is Wisnu Hanapie.
A few months ago I posted a paid help request on the forums to find talented people that can bring my vision to reality and I was blessed to find the talented DevDad who matches my aesthetics and work habits very well.
And now we have a working demo of our game:


It is a 3D mobile game, where you play an astronaut chimpanzee being sent on various missions.

I’m a hard scifi fan… and I wanted to create a real scifi game, so there will be no banana in space power up items or similar things.

The main story is based on this idea:
He is a chimp being sent into space because drones are just not good enough!
The atmosphere of the game feels a lot like how Ender Wiggin explained space combat in Ender’s Game and i feel it has been a good direction for us.

You can check out our gameplay video below:

Also we have the game up on google Play’ Beta if anyone interested in playing the game:
Please access the link above using an android device, and welcome to the beta :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, Thanks Unreal and please let me know your thoughts!