[GAME] Luscus

Hi there, respectful audience!


We would like to share with you the project we’re currently working on - Luscus!

It’s a rogue-like adventure RPG with unique combat mechanics and a strong emphasis on narrative and art. Please take a look at the first trailer we made out of pre-alpha version (it’s a bit messy in terms of art because we had to rush till White Nights conference in St. Petersburg to show it):


and a bunch of screenshots:

We are using Spine for skeleton animations so it would be a crime not to show some of them here:




Please leave your comments and stay tuned for more stuff in the nearest future! :slight_smile:

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Wow this looks really beautiful.

Thanks, doing our best here )

Main character evolution:

A small update: one of the mages concept

That art work is impressive all round… but specially I’m loving the wackie character designs and art style.

Amazing art work! Especially the first screenshot with the forest, it is so beautiful! Love the color palette.

The animations are superb!

Is it a card-based combat system? That’s what I gathered, at least, from the trailer.

I can’t wait to learn more about this! I have this thread subscribed :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind words )

Yes and no - it’s a card based combat system, but it’s a step away from the traditional card collection games and involves several more layers of mechanics. We’ll be posting an update next Friday that will feature some cards artwork as well as the explanation of their mechanics. Stay tuned for more, interesting stuff is just starting! :slight_smile:

Also we’re looking for a C++/BP developer right now because we’re lacking resources to finish prototype transition from paper to in game. There will be additional post in the corresponding forum thread, but in case anyone knows a good UE4 dev - please let us know :slight_smile:

In this update we’re starting to share info about the game’s cards and their mechanics! Cards serve as a character’s turn representation as well as the vessel for all abilities available to him this turn.

Before embarking on a heroic mission player can form 2 decks in his inventory: cards deck and abilities deck. On every party character’s turn player gets a random card from the deck, random abilities and one class ability for this character. These abilities form various powerful combos when inserted into a card.
In the world of Luscus cards can belong to one of 4 tiers: common, magic, epic and legendary. Today we would like to show you the common ones. These are the basics of every party commander - they have no bonuses embedded and can carry 1 to 4 slots.


We continue to introduce you to cards from the words of Luscus. Today’s update feature magic cards and bonuses they hold!

These cards will be the main tactician’s weapons on the early to middle stages of the game. You’ll be able to achieve them with loot, buy them from the artifacts trader or craft them from magic materials. As a second tier cards magic ones can hold one or several simple bonuses - attack and defense modifiers, range extenders, etc. Unlike epic or legendary cards these do not have any particular requirements for unleashing the card’s bonus. However magic card bonus can vary based on character or it’s positioning in party.

This update is all about the next grade card - Epic ones! This is the point where the REAL tactics starts, folks! Starting from this grade a card can have some serious requirements for unleashing it’s bonuses, but it’s power also gets a decent boost!
Requirements can vary from plauying it by the particular character, it’s place in the line and abilities to an enemy type, damage type and much more.
Epic cards will be a much more rare loot than the magic ones, but having a dozen of these in your deck will allow you to embark on more and more dangerous raids, like The Wall’s grim dungeons!
Have a nice Friday, everyone!

Legendary cards are commander’s pocket heavy artillery, that can change the course of battle entirely! Each of them has it’s own history which will echo in card’s visuals. Being extremely hard to get the Legendary cards are surely worth it!

But every advantage has it’s price - each of the Legendary cards wield not only the great power, but also a list of prerequisites to unleash it. And there’s more to that: Legendary cards will often have a penalty for usage. It can be a health loss, position change, stunning for several rounds or even character’s unability to continue current battle or raid!


I’m also enjoying the art style, the characters in particular are looking great so far and have a ton of personality. I’m excited to learn more about the details of the battle mechanics. From the trailer, it looks like the player can build each party member’s turn out of various ability components that are slotted into the vessel of a card, correct? That’s an interesting alternative to just using a deck of pre-made cards. But what kinds of components are there to choose from for the card slots? What are some specific examples of the kinds of combos I might be able to create?

Looking forward to more updates!

Thanks a lot for all the kind words :slight_smile: Yes, that is correct - the card is a kind of turn representation, but with 4 grades and bonuses. As for the abilities - there will be a post today or tomorrow that will describe the basics of how the system works

It’s been a while since our last update, but we’re still here and working harder than ever to bring all the stuff together for the game’s Alpha! And here are some characters that will be playable in the very first pack:

Cool art style! looking forward to more updates!

Thanks a lot, more to follow soon :slight_smile:

Art! Art! Art!

This sunny Tuesday we bring you a concept of character’s combat actions and abilities!

Aaaaand here is the fist in game animation! Spine + UE4 = works like a charm
(sorry for the link, the file is too big)