game looks horrible on android

Hi guys after a few days of frustration i finaly got my game up and running on android .Only to be left feeling depressed my game looks vastly different on android than windows and although i assumed this would be the case .i feel that the level of detail should not have dropped quite so much … for example my terrain texture looks like a series of rectangular tiles
and no longer looks anything like grass . how do i go about assuring that the quality is not scaled quite so dramatically any help is appreciated guys thank you

Pay close attention to number of drawcalls, number of assets and complexity of materials on android. It is possible to get decent quality on android on today’s highend devices, but might need to make some compromises on lower end or older hardware.

What kind of materials are you using default lit, fully rough, something else? You should post screenshots of your PC and android scenes.

well my scene complexity is very low as i only tested using my character and a flat terrain.And consequently only have 2 materials although the terrain mat has 3 layers … but the materials are very simple in general … i will post screenshots as soon as i have figured out how to do so on the tablet

Start a new game / scene and choose Android as targetplatform. Is your Android-Device good enough?
Maybe change some of the shader and detail option, this worked for me when I had problems with the graphics.

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