[ GAME ] Limkokwing University Student Games in Unreal Engine 4 ( July 2015 )

Greetings to the Epic/Unreal community,

I am here to share the work of some of my students in Limkokwing University Cyberjaya Campus in Malaysia.
This semester ( ending at July 2015 ) we had 2 games successfully finished by our students in Unreal Engine 4.

** Semester 4 ] Heist Night **
A casual-endless-stealth game with randomized levels ( semi-procedurally generated ). The idea is to
run around a museum to collect loot while avoiding security guard and proceed to next room. The game is
score-based and has increasing difficulty using dynamically spawned level.

Development Duration : 14 weeks
Teamsize : 4 ppl. 1 programmer & 3 artists

Highlight Features :

  • Seamlessly generated level with dynamically adjusted difficulty points.
  • Although the layout is pre-determined , the doors are generated based on difficulty points. The longer you progress , more difficult doors will be generated
  • Data-driven levels. The entire level is summarized into 1 datastructure. Hence , technically speaking the generated levels are taken from an array of Datastructure and not actual worlds/maps
  • Themed layer generation. Art theme and assets are decoupled from the layout information of the level egyptian / world-war 2 vintage / classical museum. They add a 2nd layer of randomization. A same layout using the same assets could be a different theme with no additional asset cost.
  • Dynamically generated Navmesh.
  • Difficulty-rated door( lowest-highest ). No Door; just walk through / Locked door; need picklock /Alarm Door ; alerts guard / Solid Door ; YOU MAY NOT PASS! . The longer you play the game , the chances of harder door will spawn ( as mentioned )


Download Link](Heist Night.rar - Google Drive)

** Semester 6 / FinalYearProject ] Alien’n’Alien **

Development Duration : 28 weeks 14 in preproduction and engine learning & 14 weeks in full production ]
Teamsize : 7 ppl. 2 programmer & 5 artists

Alien’n’Alien is a multiplayer top down shooter.
An increased of fuel costs in Alien world has caused 2 rival alien team to steal each other’s power source during a
routine cow-abducting mission on Earth.

The objective of the game is similar to capture the flag except there are unlimited amount of power source ( but you can carry
1 at a time ) to be carried. Gameplay is set with a concept of being lighthearted humor. The game introduces a mechanic of stun’n’kill,
meaning shooting at an enemy doesn’t kill them , but knocks them unconscious, you will then need to walk up to them to knock them into oblivion with a
power hammer to actually eliminate them. Be careful of the UFO , they will fire at you when you are near enemy bases.

Highlight Features :

  • LAN multiplayer with choice of 3 weapon class with unique abilities.
  • Impact based stunning
  • some destructible environment

Video ( trailer and gameplay )

Download Link](AlienNAlien V1.2 - Google Drive)

Hi guys!

I’m the lead project for the game Heist Night. It’s our first project using Unreal Engine 4, and I find UE is a very versatile engine to play around.

If anyone is interested in the details of the game, feel free to ask and I may be able to answer.