Game launches on windows but won't on android

Hi. So at first it WAS working on android but it was skipping the menu level (I had default game map set correctly, I don’t know why it was happening, on windows everything was correct)
Then it suddenly after a few build it stopped to launch at all. Wtf? It sill launches on windows

This forum is empty

yes it is empty indeed. I don’t know why but Epic doesn’t care about giving support anymore.
about your problem have you checked the Logcat?

Please attach your screenshot from Project Settings -> Maps & Modes with expanded category “Default Maps” :slight_smile:

Hey mate, sorry for a late reply, pc was in repairs. Could you please have a look? Please know that the maps load as intended when packaging for windows, issue exists only on android

​​​​​​​Try to change “Server Default Map” to “MenuLevel”.