[Game] Labyrinth of the Pig

Well, playable demo I guess. Just doing it more for an art piece than a full fledged game. Its evolved a lot as I’ve worked on it and I’m locking more things down. Just thought I’d finally post my progress here since I’ve mainly been using ArtStation and polycount.

So far its just a simple environment but I’m working on getting some characters added by some old coworkers to play as. The general idea is a spin on Charlottes Web. You’re a small piglet warrior like a hobbit and this particular level is ruled by King William Wilbur. He forced the Arachnid princess Charlotte to be his queen. Some areas will have an infestation of spiderlings and webbing.

So in this you essentially traverse through the labyrinth of Wilbur. Cells, library,throne room etc… to explore and look around. Simple as that.

So far I’m locking down the look I want for the basic hallways and working out my shapes more for the larger rooms. One man show doing it in my free time so it goes at different speeds. Lots more to add and do. I’ll try my best to keep updating here as I go along.

and pig butts. Glorious giant pig statue butts.

looks great. I like that hallway and that gritty look.