[GAME] Kuwanna - Cinematically Immersive Platformer

Hi Everyone! This is a narrative journey of a mother and her children, whose lives are threatened and are fleeing to a ruined civilization, as a cinematically immersive platforming adventure game. We will show our progress in here for your feedback!

Procedural ivy solver built using Houdini. Houdini tool finds the nearest surface point and starts growing ivy along the mesh surface. We hope to use this technique to quickly generate climbing plants for level assets in Unreal Engine.

Used Quixel Megascans for stem textures and leaf cards.

Hello Everyone! We had a hope to start our project with Unreal Engine 5 but we couldn’t find a better solution which does not cost a considerable time converting foliage to nanite. Also since it’s not yet production ready, we have decided to go with Unreal Engine 4.27 and Quixel Megascans. This is a snapshot of a small scene that we used Megascan assets as a warming up session! :wink:

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Hello Everyone! These are few shots of scenes that we have created to test out Quixel Megascans workflow in Unreal Engine 4.27 for our project Kuwanna. It seems this is getting very cool as this is our first hands-on experience with Megascans and we are excited to start off our environments once the blockout pass is completed!


Hi Everyone! Hope you remember Procedural ivy solver built using Houdini. These are three different results that our technical artist got with changing parameters of source points and seed amounts. We hope to use this tool with these kind of parameters in Unreal Engine.

Used Quixel Megascans for statue, props, stem textures and leaf cards.

Designing architectural elements for the project Kuwanna is critical based on its theme. These are few concept art variations done for palace balconies. Which do you choose?

Hey Kuwanna,

Those sketches for the palace balconies are stunning. (The second is my favorite!) Is there any possibility of more news coming soon? The world you’ve created has me hooked and wanting to explore already. :sunglasses:
Also, the story you’ve created behind Kuwanna seems really heartwrenching, can’t wait to see more from you and your team.

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Hey! Thank you very much for the inspiring comment and yes we will keep updating on our progress continuously. Glad you liked the story theme as well and yes, the second design is a great selection!

Procedural Cave Tool made using Houdini. This tool generates surface geometry for the cave layout built in Unreal Engine. Mineral deposits are then generated procedurally on the surfaces. The final mesh is then imported back into Unreal Engine with proper UVs and Quixel Megascans materials.

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Wow! Mind. Blown. This is exquisitely impressive! Since your statues feature rounded “towers” on a rectangular base, I would go with the first palace balcony, since it has both rounded and angled shapes. I agree with @PresumptivePanda ! I am also hooked and ready to explore! You have such an amazing concept here! We’re so excited to watch it progress! We are eagerly looking forward to your next reveal! Are your main characters from an imagined land or does their homeland exist only within the world of your game?

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Wow, amazing stuff you got here. You don’t know this, but with the procedural cave tool, you might have just probably solved an issue I had in my project.

Can’t wait for gameplay footage, this really looks amazing.


@baftis ,

That’s what I’m talking about! Other game devs inspiring other game devs! I love it! This is exactly why the Unreal Engine community is so great!

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