[GAME] KeyStrike. Exciting way to exercise touch typing :) or something like that :)


I’ve allways wanted to learn typing faster. Yes I’ve visited typing school, trained with several software, but after a while I always tend to use my 2 Finger x 2 Thumbs method :slight_smile:

I know a lot of repetition is needed to let this skills to become a part of me. To make it more fun, I’ve decided to do some gamification :slight_smile:

The concept / Story:

The main character tries to escape from the high security facility, but there are a lot of locked doors. Fortunately there is another friend, who is able to hijack the codes using a super computer inside the facility. The player needs to match the letter on the screen, the hacked code on super computer finds the needed security codes to unlock the doors…

It is a 3d game, which will train you fast typing on pc. The primer goal is not to teach, but to have fun exercising typing skills.

Level one is almost done:

There are open hatches on the second floor - if you don’t match the letter to close them, you fall down to the ‘first floor’ and need to walk that part of way again. This boosts some adrenalin in your veins, because you need to match the letter… yes simple, but effective… similar as in a racing game.

Please watch the video
no trailer, just the basic gameplay capture


I’ve spended a lot of time on this. Please tell me what you think about it. If you have read it so far and invested your time, please take 3 seconds more - drop a word! Thanks!!! I’d really appreciate it! Even if you just say ‘go’, ‘no go’ or ‘maybe’! It is very very important to me!

More assets can be found on Twtter:

PS: To make the game more diversified I plan to make every level different. Different location, different assets, different goal. Every level the player finds out something new and wants to know, how it all ends (like in a book).

Personally, I hate typing games, but I have to commend you for the progress and how nice it looks.

That’s make to of us :smiley: I tried out almost all of typing games and none of them could impress me… the main reason was the contra intuitive gameplay. My brain was forced to make several tasks at same time. I couldn’t force myself to play longer then 2 minutes… That’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to make the game as intuitive as possible. I’d like you to try it out)))

Glad to hear you liked how it looks! Thanks!!!

#KeyStrike. Improved the game and updated the video.

Today’s progress… Preparing scenes for the trailer of #KeyStrike game.

Reading Bible

I love UE4 and blender… and iphone… I also used gimp… and material editor… and my ridiculously cheap acer laptop… and a white mouse with a long skinny usb tail :cool: