[GAME] Kanshi City

Hello all, this will be my first post in the forum and it’s to show you the game I’m working on - Kanshi City!

Kanshi City is a game about taking back control of a city from corrupted robots.

It started out as a basic prototype earlier this year and it has been developed by myself and my girlfriend in whatever evenings and weekends we have. It is still very early on and we’re using stock UE4 assets and our own very basic 3D models made in Blender. After I thought the very basic prototype had some potential I tweeted out some media of it and got a good response and decided to go all in on the game.

In July we took the game to a local games convention and had a booth to show the game off and get some feedback. It was an amazing experience, over the weekend we had 350-400 people play the game. All ages tried it and gave us great feedback, a lot of kids asking where to buy it, how much is it or when is the game out. A lot of them were understanding and realised there’s still a lot of work to be put into the game. We also got the game featured in a national newspaper, print media!

The city in Kanshi City is inspired by Tokyo. Initially I just wanted it to look like a simplistic/stylised version of modern day Tokyo, not the typical cyberpunk look. The game in its current state however does look like it is going in that direction. We haven’t really done too much work into developing an art style we are committed too yet, we are spending some time soon exploring that to see what we can come up with.

Right now the game has some fairly simple mechanics. There will be around 10 levels, each a different area in the city. In each level there will be the robots patrolling the streets. Placed around the level will be Control Beacons which control nearby robots. It is the job of the player to find engineers who helped design the robots, get keys/codes from them and use them at the beacons to turn off the robots. Deactivate all control beacons and move on to the next level. I’m quite happy with the scope of the game at the moment as it feels like the right amount for a two person team. I would rather have a small number of features to develop rather than too many. We have the freedom of adding more features and mechanics later if we feel we need more for the player to do.

Check out some of our other development videos -…icGames/videos

So what’s next? We are currently aiming to have the game finished or near finished near the end of 2018. We want to get our game mechanics finished in the next few months, and then spend most of 2018 working on art, animation and audio. We are working on a budget of nothing right now, so we want to explore getting some funding to pay some artists to work with us to get the game finished earlier and looking much nicer.

Here are some links you can look at for the game:

Thanks for reading, any feedback and appreciated and happy to answer any questions!