Game Jam Unreal Engine Game : AXYZ

Hi guys,

With a team of 7, we created this little game named Axyz, in 38 hours during a game Jam. Axyz is a Portal-like game, where you have to succeed the different enigmas. In order to that, you’ll have to use your special gun and the special cubes on the different rooms. These cubes have a special gravity based on the 3D world axes : X, Y and Z. With your gun, you can change the gravity of the cubes, and also grab them in the space. But after your grab them they will be attract by their original gravity.
Here is a video, enjoy it :wink: :

Concept is giant, why not make a real game, add RGBA alpha to walk through walls etc. make a Portal like :slight_smile: guarantee success , the design is beautiful , really good work.

Like the steampunk feel of the physics gun!

Fantastic work on this project Dusaral! I have to agree with ChrisTim here and say that I think this project could really turn out to be something special. Keep up the great work!

Nice concept and execution!

Thanks guys ! We would like to develop the concept to a more really final game, but that would be hard … I’ll keep in touch about that ! Thanks !