[GAME JAM] Invitation to collaborate on Spinly's Pinball Jam

Spinly, in collaboration with Turing Studio, is thrilled to announce the first Spinly’s Pinball Jam running until 16th of September 2024!
We aim to unite game developers and pixel artists to create innovative, mobile-first web-based pinball mini-games for the Spinly platform.

Spinly’s goal is to become a place where like-minded people come to casually enjoy multiple forms of entertainment. They are offering prizes in turn for supplying them with a decent enough pinball game which they can host on their site.

Grand Prize

  • 2 Tickets for Reboot Develop Blue 2025
    • Indie Expo Booth where the attending team can showcase their work
    • Accommodation during the event
    • Travel expenses included

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fifth Place

More info on the link → Spinly’s Pinball Jam

We encourage community building. We will be sharing some assets that can be used in the submitted projects. This will be shared on the official Discord server → Spinly Discord server

We look forward to see what you can cook up!