Game jam entrry

Hi fellow game lovers!

I’m doing my first game jam, which finish in two days. Having lot of fun ! It will be my first finished project also !

The thing is a platformer, the levels are generated with a simple script. I got a full game loop already.

Features already implemented:

  • Procedurally genrated levels with increasing dificulty
  • Power ups DoubleJump
  • Power ups GiantLeap
  • PowerDown that leeches powerups and Score Points
  • Ability to locally save best score by entering three letters as name

Here some shots:

Small Gameplay video :

And the playable last build :

Feedback is most welcome,
hugs also :slight_smile:

Almost done !

Last build here ! (85Mb)

I’m looking for a name if someone got an idea !


  • Procedural level generation, with increasing dificulty
  • Power up DoubleJump
  • Power up GiantLeap
  • Black holes that leech score and power up
  • Local save of the 3 best scores, so you can compete with friends
  • Score system

The Lower in the level the more points you got

Grabing all power up gives a X2 bonus

Bonus score based on time elapsed to finish

The higher the level the more power up are worth

Here’s a little youtub footage :slight_smile: