Game isn't updating properly when compiling the game


Sorry to be back with another problem, but I am dumb-strucked by this.

Basically, I keep packaging my game, but it wont update. The exe file is shown as being updated by the modified time stamp. However, once I launch the game, I realize it still the same as it was last time. I tried doing some changes to the map, but it still the same old version. I also changed the Multi Trace Line so that it is in debug version for duration, and it fails to be shown in the stand alone version. All changes to appear in the editor.

Here are some reference Images.
First, the map in the editor, notice the lack of the glass panel in it.

And notice here how it has the glass panel.

Well, I managed to solve it. I simply closed and reopened the editor. I had compiled around 5 or 10 new packages, so it might be an issue when compiling packages multiple times in one session