Game isn't loading up with my character_BP

Making a FPS game and my character now does not load into the game (I’ve checked with shift+F1). So I just have spectator controls.

  • My only gamemode BP is loaded into maps and modes
  • My character_BP is loaded into default pawn class in my gamemode BP Defaults

That should be all I need? It’s been working fine for a while now, I moved some things around and now my character won’t load into the game. Any ideas?

Hi Adam Capone,

Did you ensure that the gamemode and character are set in both the project settings and world settings?

Fixed :slight_smile:

Strange, been using unreal4 for about a month now doing tutorials/tests and have never opened world settings. Never had any problems before. Anyway, yes I opened it up and gamemode/default pawn had nothing selected (they were set up correctly in maps&modes (in project settings) and the default menu in my gamemode BP.

Do people generally set up their gamemode and pawn in both these places AND the world settings?


This is such a pain, I have to update it EVERY time I load up my project. Even then I can’t simply update it, I have to insert a blueprint into ‘GameMode Override’ before I can even put anything into default pawn class.


Even this is confusing because I seem to have a choice of a dozen or so Bp_Me files (I only made one). Any info on what I’m doing wrong here would be much appreciated.