Game is unable to load saved game completely on Android

I’m currently testing my game’s save/load system, and discovered a very strange bug. I have several variables to save - current level name, protagonist’s health, ammo amount, etc. Save/load is set up as checkpoint system, i.e. there is only one save game file, and user cannot save game manually. Everything works fine when I’m testing the game in the editor. But on two different android devices checkpoint system works only partially: it saves and loads current level, but unable to save and load all other variables, like health or ammo.

I thought this might be another cache problem. So, I deleted Saved and Intermediate folders, and re-assembled the android build, but that didn’t help. This leads me to the conclusion that trying to reproduce this issue on clean new project is not needed.

I also believe this cannot occur due to incorrect blueprint setup, because everything works fine on PC, while logcat doesn’t register anything unusual on android devices. Besides, I set up the checkpoint system based on this tutorial:

So, I think steps to reproduce the issue are the following:
(1) Create new project.
(2) Create 3 new levels.
(3) Use one of levels as an environment for main menu, meaning it must be completely empty and do not have default pawn.
(4) Set up any primitive gameplay on remaining two levels, and make it possible for your character to travel from one level to another.
(5) Set up a save/load system that contains several variables of different types (name, integer, float).
(6) Check how the save/load system works in the editor.
(7) Assemble android build (ALL or ETC1).
(8) Check how the save/load system works on an andriod device.

Oh, I’m really sorry, that was my bad. It’s not a bug, I’ve fixed the issue on my side. The problem was that I had excess and outdated parts of save/load system in my level blueprints, and I completely forgot to delete them before I started testing.