Game is still running in the background after quitting?

I’ve just published a game on Steam, and lot’s of users are having an issue where after pressing the “Quit” button the game continues to run in the background, using up CPU and RAM. To get the game fully closed they’re needing to open Task Manager and force quite the game.

To close the game I just have a simple button in a widget blueprint, and when pressed it runs a Quit Game node. The two scenarios I’ve tried are:

-Unspecified Specific Player, Quit Preference set to Quit, and Ignore Platform Restrictions set to False

-Specific Player set to Get Player Controller, Quit Preference set to Quit, and Ignore Platform Restrictions set to True

The same players who were having the problem when I was using the first setup, continued to get the same issue after I updated the game to the second listed settings. This bug isn’t happening to everyone, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my end. I’ve published other games using earlier version of Unreal and haven’t had this issue, so I can only assume it might be a bug? If anyone knows anything about this please let me know!

EDIT: Below, I’ve pasted some more details that I added in a Reddit post about the same issue:

I’ve just launched a game on Steam, and some players are reporting that when they close the game, it continues running in the background taking up CPU usage, and they need to open Task Manager to force it closed. I have a “quit game” button that uses the quit game Blueprint node and I’m wondering if there’s something faulty with it? The game was made in UE4.26. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Well, here’s a quick update. Turns out it’s happening on my end as well and I just didn’t notice for some reason. When I quit the game, it stays open as a background process. Really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried the “exit” and “quit” console commands, as well as a few different combinations of settings on the “Quit Game” node. Still looking for answers.

Another edit: Looks like sometimes the packaged game closes just how it should (no matter what method I use to exit). I hit the quit button, the game goes to background processes, and then closes completely a second later. But then the other 50% of the time it just sits in the background processes until I kill the task.

HI!I got the same problem, tried the same solutions. Exting game it’ok but stills the process in background.

After many hours of testing and trying all kinds of different things, here’s what when problem ended up being. On my main menu, where players quit from, I have a small ad for another game I’m developing. This ad uses a video file and a media player to show off some gameplay for my other game. For some reason though, in UE4.26, if you have a media player playing, it can override the Quit Game function. So what I did, is when the player clicks the “Quit” button, I pause the media player, and then a second later I use the Quit Game node. If you place the “Pause Media Player” node without a brief delay, the issue will still occur. Hopefully someone finds this helpful, it was a real pain to deal with!

Hey! Just updated the post with an answer that ended up being the issue for me :slight_smile:

I left a media player in the intro keep going. Now everithing works fine. thank you very much

It really did be doing that.

Pausing the media seems to work, but won’t the game still get stuck if someone presses Alt+F4.

Hello. Did you find a solution for when someone presses Alt+F4?

Yup, seeing the same bug with Alt F4