Game is Blurry White in Android apk

I’m very new to UE. I wanted to create an architectural walkthrough with proper collisions and that is how I ended up in UE. Instead of using Archvis character, I decided to go with just the Player Start character. I did not use any additional lighting apart from the SunSky (updated Longitude and Latitude to match my location). Everything looks fine when I package it for Windows. But when I go for Android ASTC packaging, I only see a blurry white image. Attaching screen shot of Windows and Android launchers. Please help with this.


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I’ve been having this same issue. It seems that the Android ES3.1 does not support Physical Based Lighting Values which are used by the SunSky actor (e.g. 200000 lux directional light.) I haven’t found a way around it.

Having same issue.
Some of my app users who have oppo phones are having this issue. Where this is a GPU or not that i am not sure.
If you have found solution please do share.

is texture streaming in settings set OFF ?

It is on.
Should I turn it off ?

try it just in case. if it is on it will load all low res , start the game and then load final res and replace while running