Game instance vs Game save?

I notice that my whole blue print set up is not firing. How ever works fine in editor or direct phone test. It give hint because the sphere in my game gets destroyed with actor destroy but in uploaded game I cant see score on trigger box overlap. It should of have destroyed it self. I’ll report back when I figure why these works in editor but not on Google Play. Also the score gets increased on trigger box over lap but since the actor is not being destroyed then that means that the score is also not being added.

These question is directed toward Google Play store. I’m wondering does Game instance Integer that’s keeping score info different then integer inside Game Save. I notice that a lot of people are using Game instance as a score keeper but in my case I’m using Game Save to save my score but would that be a reason why my score is not showing up on Google Play. Shows in editor but not once uploaded to Google Play. Also my game does not involve third person character but simple sphere actor. Does that mean I need to replace Get Player Controller node and if yes what do I need to replace it with? also if I do direct game test on my phone the score is showing fine. Why is there interference once on Google Play?? Thank you a million.!!

It does not matter where you store it, the most importyent thing is to submit the score and whatever you submit is send to servers:

Check if at moment of submission you sending proper value

Thank you!! Will test these out to the bone!.

Hi. Well I did upload a version without anything related to leaderbaords or inapp purchaase or ad banners and. I delete all the functions and the Score text is still not showing for some reason. I didn’t reset my functional settings yet in project setting I will delete all the tags manifest except the keystore and shipping settings. Let me try that maybe there is some error in there. Thank you.

Exactly what did you mean by proper value?? I am puling my integer info from my Game Save and feeding into write Leader board. Stat value. I think that should be ok. ?