Game Instance and Save Data not working on Packaged Game (Mobile)

Greetings! I am having an odd one. The game works fine in editor and in previous packaged builds prior to moving to 4.27. However, after 4.27, the game instance does not appear to be working correctly and the load game data does not appear to be working either. I am able to cast to the game instance, but some variables are not being set. I did read these posts:

But the DefaultEngine.ini shows the correct paths for the game instance. That being said, I noticed the game instance gets a new index each time I run the game in editor: example… RocketGameInstance_C_0 or _1, etc. In packaged games that index is ginormous. RocketGameInstance_C_2147482608. Does that mean there are that many instances running?

Another issue is the game behaves differently when I push directly to a build device than it does when installing the package from Google Play. In a direct build, I get travel failures when trying to move between levels, however, this does not appear to happen in the packaged game or in the editor.

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Maybe it’s due to storage permissions if you are deploying to android?

Project Settings => Android

Use external filesDir for unreal files (check) (not putting in exact description slightly different ue4 & ue5)
Extra Permission (e.g android.permission.INTERNET)
click [+] x2 and paste in



Thanks 3DRaven, that appears to be the solution.