Game.ini & DefaultGame.ini Issues - Possibly Related to custom UDeveloperSettings

Hi, There Fellow Unreal Peoples!

I am experiencing a bizarre:eek: issue with my C++ project inside 4.11.2.

The steps I follow to replicate my issue is as follows:

Edit -> Project Settings -> Description
Home Page:
Press Enter
Text Is Highlighted in blue so it seems like it has saved

Edit -> Project Settings -> Game -> XGame Settings
Account Server Url:
Press Enter
Text Is Highlighted in blue so it seems like it has saved

Hit all the save buttons I can find in the editor multiple times! Spam click them save buttons so stuff is saved!

Close the project and re open it and the results is as follows:

The only not standard stuff I have is the following implementation:


#include "Engine/DeveloperSettings.h"
#include "XGameSettings.generated.h"

 * Global Game Related Settings
UCLASS(config = Game, defaultconfig)
class UNSUNGHEROES_API UXGameSettings : public UDeveloperSettings

	UXGameSettings(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer);

	FORCEINLINE FString GetAccountServerUrl() const
		return this->AccountServerUrl;

	/** Account Server Address */
	UPROPERTY(config, EditAnywhere, Category = "Servers")
	FString AccountServerUrl;


#include "UnsungHeroes.h"
#include "XGameSettings.h"

UXGameSettings::UXGameSettings(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer) : Super(ObjectInitializer)
	// this->AccountServerUrl = TEXT("");

I have deleted the Intermediate and Saved folder inside the project and recompiled it in Visaul Studio 2015. I do not get any compile errors or warnings. The project works 100% except for the fact that these two fields lose their values.

I have tried compiling with the launcher binaries as well as the release build from github.

My main expertise is C# so maybe I am doing something dumb inside my C++!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

project was created using a blank C++ project template using visual studio 2015 update 2 on unreal 4.11.2

Best Regards!


ps: for those wanting some answer points:

Anyone? Nobody? Epic??

Bump - does any of the epic staff have an answer for me please?

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