game.ini damage multipliers

I know that we can set damage and resistance multipliers for wild and tamed dinos, so are these kind of class overrides something would work with other classes like weapons, tools and traps for example if not is this something that will be added in the future if so it would be very useful for server owners and mod balance tweaking, and im sure many would find this a very useful feature, it could also be used for things like tools and weapon wear.

Thanks for any information on if this is planned or currently possible somehow.

Bump for answers.

From my testing… the devs specifically configure scripts to read in specific variables to be applied to specific items/dinos.

So only the ones they advertise work.

I suppose one day they might make a “universal” INI setting that let’s you define the target blueprint, the target field and the variable to be configured.

In fact I’d bet on it.

I really hope so and some simple mod forking ability would also be nice, if lets say you only wanted to override a certain item.