Game ideas

Im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i am starting a 6month project and i dont have any ideas of a fun game to make i either want to make a fps to tps. When i think of an idea i think about it and then about 30seconds later i give up on that idea because i dont have models or animations for it to be done. so i dont know what to make/do any suggestions? I have also emailed 3d modelling company’s and they charge a lot of money around £100+ and thats way out of my budget

Ehm, what exactly are you asking for? Game-Ideas or Ideas of games where you dont need models or animations? Do you need it for school/studies?

I assume you are a programmer, even we can do cool games using programmers-art. Most of this often looks awful, but it can be very funny too. And if you can entertain with your humor it is something special too.

On the other hand if you dont have cool-looking models/animation then do some of your own acting as placeholders.

If this isnt an option too, do Pong3D, Tetris3D, SpaceInvaders3D :slight_smile:

Mainly ideas of things to include in my game and with programmer art what do you mean exactly using static meshes to make a model such as a gun? and with this project i want to get close to a finished and fun game for when i go to college i can use it as proof. When you said “Your own acting as placeholders” is that referring to animations?

An easy example of programmers art is creating images with paint :slight_smile:

An idea of making a game without cool-models and stuff could be a UI-based game. F.e. Rock-Paper-Scissors for mobile. For this you could only use images drawn with Paint or Gimp (to get a bit more professional looking stuff - at least some alpha).

If you really need Meshes, then install blender and make some simple models, which you import into UE4.

If you apply for programming studies, those who check you portfolio, should know that you are a programmer and not an artist (hopefully), means they shouldnt care about ugly pictures that much :wink:

Ok i think i understand so instead of trying to make/get a AAA or a high poly model i should just create a simple and really crappy model in blender and use that as a placeholder and then later on upgrade that to a more high poly model
and what should i do about animations for the simple model i make i did buy a arm model off the marketplace how would i animate that? also if it came to that i needed a few custom particle systems such as electricity how would i get them?

If someone did check your portfolio they would care more about how efficient and well structured the code is and less about the looks?

I would say it depends on who is visiting your portfolio. You need to consider for what you are applying for. In the case of programming, what does a super-looking model says about your programming skills? Animations? The same question in this case. If it were me, i would ignore animations or if its really not possible create a very very simple one… In terms of programming you could set a hook which would fire a animation (even if there are none yet) to show that you assume at this point it time to update an animation before moving on with the game logic.

Of course if your game looks nice it wouldnt hurt, but you should concentrate on the logic first. Usually we programmers tend to be proud of codelines because: “We are programmer, we make computers beep beep bop”

Thanks for these reply’s i will definitely try and make some simple models and animations and focus more on the actual code than the looks also do you have any projects you are working on or a portfolio of your work i can look at?

hey there,

i started to make a portfolio with Though i stopped updating on it, since i already have a job :wink:

So the content inside isnt complete, but i think this could be something. If you want some more professional stuff to look at, then google around for “programmer portfolio” or something similar and see what others have did.
Here is mine f.e.: