Game Ideas

I do not have much unreal experience but I have always wanted to make ps4 or steam games. I made a few games on Unity in the past. I have lots of ideas that could be smash hits but I need a few people that can work on the idea if I get a group and we can publish the app I only want 10% of what we make because I wont be doing as much work as they will. If anyone wants to hear my ideas first and help me meet my goal of designing and developing a game for ps4 or steam then message me please. Thank you.

Why are you not working as much as your mates? You won’t get a team without providing a prototype or something like this. Especially when somebody should work for you, only because you have some ideas.

Ideas are easy, let me make this comment again … Ideas are very easy and are dime a dozen. Getting them implemented is the hard part, you can’t expect people to come work for you just being an ideas guy, you will need to offer something to the team that is tangible and useful other than just ‘i thought of it first’.

If you’re not doing 10% of the work, why should anyone want to give you 10% of the cut?

Ideas are worthless if you can’t implement them.

I know how to use unreal but I don’t know how to use complex features. That is why I need a team.

In a small team, everybody should know a bit about everything and everybody should be able to do a decent amount of work. The best way to get a team is, to learn enough about the engine to build a prototype of your idea and then search for a team.

Here’s your problem; you might need a team, but a team doesn’t need you. People look for other people who can do the work that they themselves lack the skill to do. If you only know editor basics, the only people who are going to want to work with you are people who know less than you do.

You will be much better starting to work on what you are able to by yourself, and learning what you require. If you have specialist knowledge, other people with specialist knowledge will find you useful, at which point, you can start building a team.