Game Ideas

I’ve played many games over the past three decades. I have a plethora of ideas for a couple games with serious, marketable potential but I have no game creation skills whatsoever. I went to school for graphic design and advertising and I have a strangely creative mind. I can come up with some concept art and ideas but… again, I know nothing about creating games. Is there anyone I could talk to, a company that needs ideas, or a website where I could commission people to make my nightmares a reality? I’m in need of guidance.

Got any seed money to hire your own team?

There’s a thread to do this on here already so try posting there…

The other suggestions like “a company that needs ideas” aren’t really workable…

Large game companies often have pages on their website where they buy game ideas off you, you can Google “buy my game idea” or something and a lot of things would probably come up. They may not pay you a lot, but it’s pretty goods for just writing down something that you came up with off the top of your head. :slight_smile:

“ideas are easy; the writing is the hard part.”

“I have a Great Idea for a video game…
how do I sell it and get rich and famous?”

“Pretend for a moment that you have a great idea for a novel, not a game. How would you go about getting it written and published? Would you advertise looking for an author to write it for you? No, you would have to get off your butt and write it yourself. I have heard that a friend of Frank Herbert (author of Dune) asked Herbert to author the friend’s idea and split the profits 50/50. Herbert refused, even though the guy was a good friend – Herbert’s reply was basically that ideas are easy; the writing is the hard part. Think about it for a minute – would YOU want to have a friend come up to you, tell you a few sentences, then have you spend months hunched over a keyboard turning his few sentences into the Great American Novel? I doubt it. If you did spend months writing that book, would you want to give half of the money to that guy?”

To put it simply; talk is cheap. You need to DO, everyone has ideas they want to see fleshed out. Even game directors aren’t just pitching an idea and walking. They are working very hard to manage large numbers of people, take feedback, and polish a consistent idea.

In addition to all the other advice here, there’s a lot more to designing a game than just some ideas on paper. You need to know what can and can’t be done easily, and base your game design around that, with may be a few nuggets that are hard to make, but are super special. That means you pretty much have to be able to make the game in order to be able to design it.

To re-use the book example above, it’s the same there. You need to know a ton of things about plot, and character growth, and other writing concepts, as well as how to use them properly, in order to have a good idea for a good book.

Sure, actually implementing the game or book is hard work, but you need the knowledge to even start down the path properly.

In short, start making games. Unity and UE4 have both made it super easy to get started now, and “I don’t know how” isn’t nearly the excuse that it used to be.

I think the original thread maker just wanted to give his game idea’s to aspiring game developers like me, not try to become a professional game designer and make blockbuster games. Anyways, I would like some creative ideas. If you can think of things related to almost a overwatch style game in an urban city, that would be nice. You should become a lore maker if you want a professional job in a developer team, too, btw.