Game idea.

Hi! i got a idea of a game that i think would be a good seller but im new into the developement part :smiley: I know how to code and that but i dont know how you should hire people and so on. i got some questions i hope someone could answer :smiley:

  1. How do i get the production to start?
  2. Where should i begin?
  3. How can i calculate the money needed and so on?

<3 <3 <3

But they need to get paid too or? idk where to start <3

How to go along all depends on the scope of your project, and thus the size of the budget.

So start by trying to get a very rough estimate of the cost. If you donโ€™t trust the public with your idea, hire someone to do it.

what do you mean by depends on the scop of your project?

Its size.

If it is a $10 000 project, advertise here on the forum. If it is several millions, hire a professional producer.

Okey :smiley: i will need investors right? so where is the best place to find investors? should i contact a game company ?

With nothing tangible (like a proof of concept demo) your best bet is friends and family. If you can make a really kick *** video to sell yourself and the idea, crowdsourcing could work.

There are entire sites and forum dedicated to finding investors, i suggest you google for one.

I have my doubts about many of these so called professional producers, just look at Street Fighter 5 producer Ono, look how nasty and disgusting his 3D models are his idea of art is the most disgusting repulsive thing you have ever seen. Sure Cammy and Chun Li looks stunning if you ignore the idiotic steroid freak look but everybody else, Alex, Ken etc clearly you can see its like they hired different studios or something to do this.

Absolute train wreck of inconsistency donโ€™t even get me started on the gameplay how he dumbed down SFV gameplay and the parry system absolutely sucks compared to SF3. I have no idea how that guy is still working at Capcom boy do I wish I could get back that money I spent on SFV