Game Idea

So I’ve got this idea for a game where the main character is a robot in a human world. It’s sort of a stealth focused survival game that is heavily story driven and focused on finding out where you came from, why you are in this human world where everyone seems to act fairly ‘kill on site’ towards you, finding allies, getting upgrades and keeping up with your own energy demands, and of course, progressing through a deep story setting up another future game of a completely different genre.

Thing is, I’m 100% new to game design. I don’t know the first thing about coding and all that. My main interest right now is being the ‘idea’ person and building the worlds of games.

So for my first little project, I would like to build the world this game takes place in. My question is:

Would anyone suggest any assets that would be good for creating a somewhat near future city, Marketplace or otherwise. I’m talking everything from your typical corner store to your towering skyscraper. The idea is to have a massive city that feels familiar in how everything works, and yet at the same time gives this vibe of mystery and even you as the player question where you are.

Ever since I had the idea for this setting I’ve been in love with the idea of this dark city, where it’s always night, everything outside is always wet like it rained recently, and there are just lights everywhere. Street lights, car lights, window lights, virtual signs and whatnot everywhere. It is kind of hard to explain. I don’t want it to appear too modern, nor do I want it to be Tron levels of Sci Fi.

Any thoughts?

Do you have budget?

Something like this?

Yes actually, just like that kind of city.

As for a budget, not really. If there is something in the marketplace worth looking at specifically I will consider it whatever the cost. If it’s too much I can wait.