Game idea

This is an idea for a game that I came up with while bored at work.

This evil dude makes a spell to destroy time by speeding it up till nothing exist.

a goddess sends you back in time to stop the spell but the spell even affects the past so time is still speeding up (the speed is based on game difficulty)

places that you are in time will move normal but when you leave a place time will speed up. most puzzles will you use this time thing.

one examples is. in the first level you have to collect 12 seeds to summon a boss to beat to collect a crystal that will stop the spell in the area.

you get one of the seeds by meeting this old guy who says he wants to give a letter to his granddaughter but she wont come back from battle for another 10 years and he does not know if he will live long enough. So you wait the 10 years and give it to her the reward is a seed.

each level has a time peddle stool. that allows you to speed up time how ever much you want. Warning you can not go back in time so you really have to think if you want to speed up time. Each level has a set amount of time once its up the level vanishes.

well that’s my game idea I did leave some stuff out and I don’t know if i’ll ever make it. I just wanted to post the idea.

taking an old mans seed doesn’t sound so appealing…

Haha tree seed maybe oak

Oak is always a good choice. Strong and girthy :slight_smile:

But, the idea is great. All that time-speeding stuff may look very cool in the playing mode. The only thing you need is an interesting quest (like a game chapter) for every seed.
By the way, you are not to make a game, what about writing a novel?

Sorry the seed thing was just an example and I do write when motivation hits.

But why? Even if it is similar, it kind of does not matter in game business. Just make it better than original is done.

wow and everquest, unreal tournament & quake, pubg & fortnite. Every game that is above average has its copy cats.

Isnt that Epics mantra for the last 20 years. What game is currently really popular…hmmm lets make our own version of it :wink:

although unreal tournament was better than quake 3 (runs away before being telefragged)

Eh not like ill have ever make it. Its just an idea.

Um, isn’t this off-topic for the Off-Topic section XD