[Game Idea] Would you be interested?

I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong category for this type of post. I couldn’t seem to find one that would match other than this one. Also, i am trying not to give out any details of the game, due to copying reasons.

Would anyone be interested in a Terminator Game?

And before you reply consider this;

  • i will be striving to make it as close as i can to a “AAA” quality Game
  • It will be a First Person Shooter
  • It will feature T - Models from other Movies/Games as well as my own creations
  • May take a while to develop. As i’m doing it ALL myself.
  • I will need to apply for a grant in hopes i can upgrade pc hardware for a more stable creating experience as well as to obtain other (priced) tools to better develop the game.
  • Atleast one DLC release + Online features if enough people are interested
  • Easter Eggs
  • Striving for at least an 8 Hour Campaign on “Middle” Difficulty.
  • Intense Graphics for PC (although customization in the graphics section…) and slightly “nerfed” ones for Consoles.
  • Will attempt to release on Steam, PSN, and Xbox. (PC, XB1, PS4)
  • Will be heavily active with the community (posting polls, what would you like to see next, bug reports etc.)

The following is some questions i need to be answered. They differ on your personal opinion.

If Yes;

  1. Why would you want to see another terminator game?
  2. What would you like to see in it?
  3. Surprise Me

If no;

  1. Why WOULDN’T you want to see another terminator game?
  2. What made you choose this as your answer

As many replies as possible is recommended.
Thank you for all your guys time :smiley:

Have you ever made a game before?

TBH we have so so so many shooters. Why not change it up? Here’s a few random and not completely new or original ideas, but more new than “shooter”:

-Storyline driven (Interesting people, interesting plot)
-Choice driven (Change the world around you! Which side will you choose?)
-World driven (Interesting world, cultures, people)
-Make friends/make foes (Connects to the whole choice thing, but dramatically to how people react to you)
-Craft driven (Build new weapons, find parts, invent new things!)

These are just a handful of ideas. My advice is to stay as far away from mindless shooting games as you can. Remember when Bioshock infinite came out? People were astounded that you could implement a interesting story into a shooter. Watch this: to see what I mean.
Shooters are fine, but all in all lots of them are very much identical. Mass Effect has it’s brilliant world, Bioshock has story, Fallout has world.

Also, this whole thing is really, really hard to do. If this is your first game, here’s what I will tell you until I die: Make a simple one. I know, you have dreams. Super awesome ideas that with a couple of keypresses can turn into reality. I understand, because I feel the same way. I’ve always dreamed of making the next best thing, and have tried since 6th grade, 6 years ago. But that is not life. I have not finished a single game, EVER. So here’s what I would do. Set a deadline. And I mean a short deadline - no more than 6 months. And make a game, focusing on the 6 months. Make the world small, the graphics, ok. Remember, what your talking about takes over 100 people with experience and 3 years to create: can you really be superman? The short answer is, no. Personally I had this awesome vision for my current game, but have simplified it A LOT. And that’s what you should do: make an awesome game, but make it small. It’s well known that a first game is always going to fail… this is due to us not knowing how to market correctly, and such, on our first try.

You have dreams, and they’re awesome. I truly hope the best for your games and your future. But jumping into a AAA game is like jumping into a train… just not right.

-Josh Steinhauer

If you want an 8-hour, AAA game with DLC and online features, wouldn’t you need either a lot of money or a lot of people helping you for free? Also, how are meant to get the rights to the Terminator franchise?