Game Idea (how to realise)

Hey :smiley:

this is my first post but…
i had a android game idea but i cant realise it :confused:
im not good enough but i want it so hard.
its a clicker game. JUST CLICKING
every click counter goes up.
with another button you can upload your score to the server.(if you get a new one it will added to the old)
then you can create a clan with other players and click against other players ^^
Just clickin…

I hope you can help

Good idea for tutorial.

Here is what i do with all bigger (bigger than making coffe for eg.) problems (or projects):
Split it into parts, then split those parts into more parts.
Then see if you know how to solve those smaller parts.
If you dont know, search for tutorial or split them into even smaller problems.
Until you get to level where you know what to do or can find good tutorials.

Btw. Leave one elephant in Cape Town, or you may never stop splitting that.

Oh and welcome to Unreal and game dev.

Hi DerDreckigeDan,

If you’re clicking on a 3D Object then the Mouse Interaction Demo in the content Content Examples in the Epic Launcher > Learn will help.

If its just basic mouse button input, then I threw together a networked clicking example with two players: Merge into a FirstPerson Template Project.

Screenshot below:

Good Luck