Game Idea for anyone to make

I have had an idea for a game for a while and tried to get a team together but it failed. I hope someone likes this idea and makes it.

The game is called Planet Unknown.
Theres a group of scientists at a space centre like NASA. The name of the space centre is call Deep Space Discovery (D.S.D). They fly a spaceship like the one off of Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist to a planet that they discovered and want to have a closer look to see if theres life on the planet. But the gravity of the planet was too strong and they crashed on the planet with only the player surviving.

There is also no oxygen on the planet so the player has to wear an oxygen tank on his back and an oxygen mask connected to the tank and every now and then the player will have to purchase more oxygen tanks to survive and you can buy bigger oxygen tanks later in the game. There is a pistol on the ship with 14 bullets in it and a military knife which the player takes. The player is surprised to see that there is advanced life on the planet. A couple of friendly chameleon people (like the ones off of Land Of The Lost, but much friendlier) find you and show you to their village. (everything up to this point will be cut-scenes) They speak in a different language and you don’t understand so they make you a voice translator and they put it on you so you can understand what they are saying. They also show you to the market where you can buy and sell items (armour, weapons, food, etc) you will also be able to trade with some of the villagers there.

One of them gives you basic tools like a stone axe, stone sword, etc and then later when you have the materials you can craft them and make an upgrade to the metal tools. You have to go into the wild and build a house to live in, it could be a house on the ground or you could make a treehouse! You will slowly lose energy throughout the day so you will need to either collect food from plants and trees or kill the creatures in the wild to get meat. There will be some friendly creatures and some dangerous ones, both can be tamed but the dangerous ones will take a bit more time. There will be land creatures, sea creatures and flying creatures, with most of them to ride on. The game will be a MMORPG type of game where you can make groups, survive with them, build with them and kill other players. There will be a chat system for the whole server and you will also be able to make a group chat. There will also be a range of futuristic guns to make at different villages but you will need to find rare materials to make it.

I thought I would of got a big team by now but as I said before, it failed. But if someone is interested in the idea or whats to expand or change the idea a bit, you are free to. Also, I can be the first person to join your team, I can make 3d models and maybe other things to help out.

Thank you for your time to read this long thread :slight_smile:

bump if anyone wants to

The problem with ideas is that everyone has them, and few people want to make use of other people’s ideas when they have their own to make reality.

Most people reading your idea probably aren’t seeing any kind of hook that makes your idea special. Rust in space, but with WoW characteristics? I am sure you have all kinds of pictures in your head that makes this idea seem great, but what you have communicated in this post is rather bland even if someone was looking for an idea.

You also have too many specifics in your post. Whether your guy starts with 14 bullets or not should not even be brought up when trying to sell this to other people. Along with a lot of other minute details in your post, it just isn’t needed at this point in the discussion.

Anyway, I am not posting this to bring you down. Just work on your idea and how to communicate your idea, and realize that ideas are the easy part of making games. The people that can actually execute an idea are probably already working on their own.

+1 Zeustiak

As always ideas are easy, implementation is hard…

Why not work on this pitch a little until you can discover a viable ‘hook’?

As it stands, its more like a film or dream than a practical game idea i.e. *‘everything up to this point will be cut-scenes’. *

For example ask yourself, how can your game idea improve on existing MMORPG survival-type games?

I third this!
We all have our dreams to fulfill. We need to be actors in our own dream, not a supporting actor in someone else’s dream

Over and out

Well when i first time played mario i was thinking open world games and such of things that i wish to make but today the dream come true open world games everywhere :confused:

I like your idea, but I have a better solution for you, make a mod for ARK survival evolved.

Making from scratch the game you want would take you a long time, ARK has already everything implemented, multiplayer, server configuration, gathering, building, crafting, animal AI etc.
Take ARK, add an oxygen system, build a new map for it, make new weapons characters models and meshes and you have your game, minus months or years of development.

Also it’s much easier to find people to work on a mod because you can get something playable in days or weeks

Yes that would be a really good idea but i don’t have the ark game coz my laptop doesn’t have the requirements to run it and I can’t get the ark dev kit.

In order to develop games, your PC should have the specs required to run the game you are making, + some extra power. Perhaps you can start on just a smaller project.

Hey DexterTrix, you sound discouraged. Don’t give up on your idea.

Take it one small step at a time. Refine the story(beginning to end) if that is a major draw for the game (a good story IS RARE), map it out on paper, game mechanics. What are the player attributes, how are the inner workings of your game going to function? Some compromise might be necessary. Simplify, does it have to be a MMORPG? Hard to make and maintain, and a hard market for anyone who doesn’t have twenty+ employees and a server bank. Does it have to be multiplayer? Multiplayer on a game like you are talking about adds quite a lot of “complications”, but not impossible. What separates your game idea from whats on the market/coming to market? The idea you gave sounded more like an adventure game or rpg style than MMO to me. A top-down or 3P rpg adventure without multiplayer would be much more achievable. By the time you had a rough prototype, you could probably have someone help you with multiplayer. One step at a time.

Hi Dex, start modeling stuff of your phantasy.
Update this thread with your progress.
I bet, when you have the game finished to 90% and talking about going commercial and make team rich, you get quick one.