Game idea, doable? extra doc/videos?

Im learning UE4 and i have an idea for a game.

I want to do a mobile game with paper2d sprites on a 3d particle rich enviroment.

Paper2d for sprites because ive been learning some blender but its really a lot to learn and while maybe i will in the future, right now i prefer trying to do something mainly in unreal as “quick” as possible, im a complete noob right now but im pretty hooked. Also being a mobile game, having characters in 2d offloads some cpu/gpu which i will use to have lots of nice particles/lighting effects. I’ve seem paper2d isnt very mature yet, do you guys think this game idea is possible with current unreal engine version? I dont want to start and get stuck and lose interest.

Im reading the official unreal doc, seeing some (mostly outdated) youtube videos about paper2d, if you guys have some good extra material to read/view about paper2d/blueprints/particles i’d grateful.