Game Idea Community Help Needed

Hi i am very new at this 3d stuff well to give a little bit of my background i worked with Photoshop,Blender I assume some of this stuff is pretty similar with models and mesh uv’s etc.
So i have a game idea that i think some talented people here can help me with if unavailable for help i’d be ok with just a simple point of a direction to the right useful and helpful information.
Well let me explain a little bit of what im trying to accomplish.

Game Genre -MMORPG-RPG Martial Arts Style
Open World -SE Asian Style Scenery
Clothing Mesh’s- 1940-1960 Attire Styles
Weapons Styles -1940-Present(swords,butterfly knives,staffs,dual blades etc)
Playable Story and Cutscenes - Yes
Open group based questing-Players will be able to compete tasks in certain areas together without being in a team
PvP-Team&Objective based -Defend and Capture Hostages Hold Points Kill World Leaders Etc.

I had this idea from a few games that i have played in my gaming lifetime lol I’ve always wanted to do some projects in gaming I’ve done some Cyberfaces for NBA live series and i currently do cyberface work and Mods for NBA 2K14 at NLSC Forums.I hope that i can get some help here on this as i’ve spent days watching tutorials and such.I think some RPG games that have tried this style have lacked because they didn’t want to put in the extra game modes or content.But i am not one to rush with my work it doesn’t have to be perfect but only decent and right.The game play must be fluid and quick sort of kind of hack and slash.I don’t know much about unreal fluidity but i seen enough of you guys videos to be impressed and want to try it out.But i am here making this thread so that i can get help with this discussion any help is greatly appreciated.

#1. **Read both of these closely… **
[To set your expectations to something reasonable / realistic]

#2. Search the forums for other MMORPG titled threads
[Focus on the networking complexities and cost of development in particular]

#3. Download Community-Tools projects / Marketplace packs related to your idea
[This is mainly to get you started with something that works out of the box]

#4. Play around with the engine for a few months.
[Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just try to have fun]

#5. Return here and post some updates etc.
[I’ll certainly be interested in hearing what you’ve got to say]