Game hangs on Unload Stream Level

I need some help understanding the issue I’m having.

I have an arch viz scene with multiple lighting scenarios. I want to be able to switch between lighting streams with a widget BP. I have the light switching functioning correctly within a BP in the persistent level (a television you can turn on and use a menu on screen to change lighting). However, the exact same setup is failing within the widget BP.

My guess is that the widget (which is spawned from within my pawn BP) is spawned into the sublevel, not the persistent level. Then, when I unload the level, the BP is killed and the Load Level Stream nod eis never fired. Please tell me if I am wrong.

Now, assuming that’s the case, what would be the best approach to work around this? If that isn’t my problem (the widget BP is in fact spawning in the persistent level), why would my unload node hand the game?