[GAME] Hammer Time!

Hammer time is my first game !

its on google play for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sk3lGames.HammerTime

its also submited to steam greenlight, so if you want, i would be happy that you vote “Yes” to see this game added on steam platform ! (here is the link to vote: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=525696769 )

didnt try ios yet due to the price :frowning:

Follow me on facebook for new game release (i hope so i will do new game!) Sk3l Games

or twitter https://twitter.com/Sk3lGames

and my website listing this game and i hope other game incoming too http://sk3l.free.fr

Thanks epic and community (answerhub helped me a lot) !

I liked.

My record is 20 level. Have you made the game alone?
I am going to launch my game this month.
Can you write a little bit more about the game developing? I am curious about Admob, steam integration.
How long you developed this game?
Maybe you can give some advices?
By the way, how about a little help to each other? I am going to write description for French speaking people. Can you check my game description? From my side I able to translate your game description into Russian language. PM me If you interested in collaboration.

hello, i made this game alone, discovering the unreal editor at the same time.

i am a beginner, so i wont give advice myself, but i can tell you to use this forum and answerhub, many people helped me to finish this game

i made this in 2 month i think (i didnt work on this project at full time) i learned many things at the same time about the editor

just never surrend ! its hard to finish a game when you work alone… i tried many others games with other tools and never finished them

admob was the hardest part i was stuck on it for weeks searching on answerhub and forum for help, maybe its easier now with ue 4.9 :slight_smile:

i have no steam integration yet, my game isnt selected to be add on steam at this time

good luck with your game, and i pm you as soon as possible for the translations in french/russian

Recently I had installed played trivia game app, which I had found interesting and best to test your knowledge and speed. The challenge of the game is to answer 30 trivia questions in a row. I will now definitely try Hammer time, as it can improve my speed.