[GAME] Gods Devils & Rebels RPG->MMORPG (eventually)

Working on setting up the foundation of what will eventually be an MMORPG. Here’s what’s happening with the project now:

*Save/Load Functionality in place
*HP/Mana/Stamina Systems in place
*XP & Leveling functions in place
*Ability System is fighting with me (on hold for now)
*Attack Functionality in place
*Damage Functionality in place
*Draggable UI in place

Here I’m testing the loot dropping system that will be part of the harvesting system for crafting. In order to gain harvest-able materials you will have to find and destroy (destructible mesh actors… everything that isn’t a player is destructible) that then the destroyed actor checks against RNG % to drop various materials and rewards XP accordingly. Naturally engaging monsters (yet to be added) will yield far greater xp, but the rewards for the harvested items will be proportional to the time / total HP it takes to destroy the actor and the general level of where the goods are found within the world. When an actor is destroyed it will respawn after a randomized time within a given range of where it’s last iteration spawned, this way as players cause destruction in the world the world will self replenish. In the instance of a player destroying part of a building the building will regenerate as it was before so not to disrupt the level design and will be explained visually by NPCs seen repairing the damage section. This will also streamline the harvesting/leveling experience as the players will naturally end up causing destruction while out leveling and be able to acquire harvesting goodies while XPing.

Got a test area setup all with assets generated by me. Got the inventory system working and currently getting the stat and currency system in place. After that is the ability system.

Added a simple main menu. Need to figure out some music to go with it, I’ll add a blurred scene behind it later on once I get one built. Either a corridor or maybe some dark moonlit woods…

Currency system is up and running!