[Game] Glory of Portugal: Fortresses of Brazil

Trailer (english version)


Glory of Portugal: Fortresses of Brazil is a first/third person shooter single player game based on the history of Brazil. Two developers are working on this game: me and my brother. I’m working on the code, while my brother, Wilson, is working on the art (3D models and the music he made). The video has face motion capture (the motion capture was recorded with me talking in portuguese).

Our setup is this:

PC: intel i5 4460, GTX 960 4gb version, 16gb of RAM
Motion capture: an old simple Logitech webcam
Audio: recorded on an old Nokia Smartphone (yes, 2020 and my system is the Windows Phone, lol, but I bought a new Android smartphone this week)
Digital drawing: Wacom - Intuos Draw

Softwares used to make the game:

Adobe Creative Cloud (the only paid subscription softwares my brother use)
Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum - Steam Powered, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Steam Powered, ACID Music Studio Steam Powered (the only paid perpetual licence softwares my brother use)
Unreal Engine
Quixel (thanks Epic!)

Game Website (english version): https://gloryofportugal.tumblr.com/


The screenshots are from one of the forts called Forte dos Reis Magos. You can look at Google Maps or Google Street View to compare the real life fort to the 3D model made by my brother Wilson.
The fort location is Natal city, Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil.

The post above is about the english version. Below there is the Brazilian/Portuguese version:

**Trailer (portuguese version)

Website (portuguese version): **https://gloriadeportugal.tumblr.com/

**Part of the video is in english, but the motion capture was recorded in portuguese. The motion capture starts in 1:23

Devblog about the use of motion capture in our game’s trailer:**

After about 5 years of work, we released the early access version of our game on Itch.io.
Here is the video about Glory of Portugal: Fortresses of Brazil:

There’s a lot of work to do, as we have to finish about 20 levels, but we are glad that the game is already playable.