Game Gets Mouse Control in Editor Settings does not work

“Game Gets Mouse Control” in the “Level Editor Settings” does not work anymore. I have a project in which this box was unchecked. The result up to 4.15 was that I had to click inot the PIE window first otherwise I had the mouse available.
Now, when I start PIE the mouse is always captured and I have to do Shift-F1 to get mouse control back. I tried to check and uncheck that button to reset it, but the result is the same.
This was interoduced in 4.16


Thank you for your report. I have confirmed this issue is still occurring in 4.16 and 4.17 and have reopened the corresponding bug report. You can keep track using the link below:

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.

I dont understand the informatino in the bug database. It says “Unresolved” at the top, yet there is a date of July where it says “resolved” with a commit ID.
Is this resolved or not? And when where will the fix be included?

This has not be resolved and do not have and estimated time as to when this will be included. I reopened an existing ticket for this so the date on it can be ignored, but it will be looked into further.


Just want to add some info in case it is useful. I also have this issue, running UE 4.17.2 on Linux.

If I start the PIE via keyboard shortcut while the mouse cursor is over the Viewport, the Player’s start orientation is the default. If I have the mouse cursor elsewhere, but within a certain range of the Viewport, the Player’s orientation seems to change in relation to the distance between the cursor’s location and the center of the screen.

Also, curiously, if I change window focus (I’m using Gnome) via Alt-Tab to, say, the browser, then back to UE, but don’t click on the Editor window (so it seemingly has only keyboard focus), then on PIE start the Player’s orientation is not changed regardless of where the mouse cursor is. However the cursor is captured still.

Whats the status on this? UE 4.17.1 still has the issue and the bug tracker shows “unresolved”