[Game] Furnish Master

My name is Alex Blintsov and I develop Furnish Master. I started this project in March 2022 as a side project using Unreal Engine 5. I’ve been working with mobile games for last 5 years, but I always wanted to make own PC game, that is why I started developing FM.

Furnish Master is a relaxing game about furnishing apartments, houses, commercial estate and even outdoor territory! It all comes with economic elements. Besides furniture, you can buy new properties, which will earn you extra money so you could buy more places, more furniture to realize your design dreams!

  • Relaxing and calm furnishing gameplay
  • Variety of places. From bedrooms and living rooms to offices and shops.
  • Clean and minimalistic graphics

Wishlish on Steam!

Preview video:

This game is still in development, I plan to release it in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023.

You can discuss it here or join our discord server:


The audio you’ve selected for each interaction is just wonderfully perfect. It definitely feels like a lot of thought has gone into the creation of your project here! :slight_smile:

Can the player design the layout of their room as well or is it automatically a square?

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Thank you!

No, I did not planned to add a room layout editor. There will be several preset rooms you can furnish. But many people ask about this feature, so maybe I will add this.


Gotcha! It’s already a crazy impressive project so I can’t wait to see what all you add :slight_smile:

This looks very impressive, if you finished this you could also use the framework and create a new SIMS game. :grin:
Maybe with some angry guys who destroy all what you have build . :crazy_face:

Thank you!

Yes, this is a nice idea :smiley: .
But Sims is a very complex game, even EA games messed some things up, even though they have budgets and teams. I’m not sure I can handle this alone, at least to make it at the level of The Sims :smiley:

Okay @Flakky you’ve officially inspired me to want to redecorate the room I’m sitting in now! You have thought of so many great details in this game. I really love the lights and colors, combined with all of the sounds for each object. Impressive work.

Made a paining system to change colors and materials of objects.

Here is what you can do with it!


What a beautifully crafted piece of interactive art. Very moody, and the interaction seems so good !!!
Loving those amazing widgets :heart_eyes:

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Thank you!

If you have any ideas for the game, make sure you leave it here! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.

Furnish Master now has a Steam page!

Game is not released yet and in development, but I will be very glad if you add the game to your wishlist, this can help very much!
Do not forget to tell about the game to some of your friends, who also might be interested :smiley:


Released a small teaser of my game :slight_smile:

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Happy New Year! :calendar: :christmas_tree:

I plan to release a public demo version of Furnish Master on Steam this month, but there is still a lot of work to do. So I decided to share a beta of the demo with others. If you want to test it out earlier, you are welcome!

You can join our Discord server and select a beta tester role.