[Game] From Red to Green


Release date: 3 January 2022
Developers: 100% maded by me from 0, even souds and music (I used phone to record sounds, is it unreal?);
Genre: Puzzle;
Programming: 99.99% Blueprints, 0.01% C++;
Development time: Much more then you expect;
Price: 2$;
Store: Steam From Red to Green on Steam .

Its my first game, I hope that someone will like the game :slight_smile: Below I wrote same info as on Steam store page.

The objective is to turn all of the red objects into green by moving on them in the minimum amount of turns. However, if you move on green onject it will become red, some levels have inverted input, and some levels have movable objects.

Key features:

  • Big buttons! Have you ever wondered how much time you lost by hovering over small buttons?;

  • 5 microscopical tutorial levels;

  • 24 main levels with size from 4x4, to 7x7;

  • 10 bonus levels;

  • Random level generation (but without movable objects), in which you can specify the desired height and width of the level from 2 to 7 (2x7 possible);

  • You can create own levels (but without moving objects) with size from 2x2 to 7x7, and share them by using a clipboard code;

  • Additionally there 2 minigames, in one you need to remember the direction of the indicated arrows, which will be infinitely generated, the other is the main gameplay of the game, but two players by using same keyboard (WASD and arrows) will have to change as many objects as possible to their color in 5 seconds.

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Hey KAT_Editor,

Huge congrats on your first game! And getting it put on steam (Massive accomplishment!). You should definitely be proud of yourself, you’ve done a wonderful job :slight_smile:

Is there a demo or video we could see to understand the game a bit more?


Hello PresumptivePanda,

Thank you :slight_smile: I will make patches, so its not the end of job :slight_smile:

This is strange, I cant upload trailer video to this site. I uploading 85 MB video, but site said that I cant upload video with size bigger then 100 MB …


You can make a video on Youtube then post a link here to share it with us.

And most importantly: the game looks decent, well done for that and thank you for the hard work.

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For store page Steam uses videos from file, so I didnt created YouTube video for now, I’m waiting for first impressions of player, because maybe I need to add changes,before posting YouTube trailer :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: My ex-girlfried said that noone will pay for the game more then 1$, but I disagreed :smiley: I can change everything, if players dont like something, and 2$ price gives me time for second project, but its not mean that 2$ game can looks like trash, I will make patches even without players guidance :slight_smile:

Yep, better english its also that what I want to work on :slight_smile:

Ok, for now, I uploaded trailer video on YouTube with url access only for this site (yes, its a great honor :D), and I removed screenshots :slight_smile: Looks like that YouTube dont really like gray background on images, Steam player dont have this problem.

Finally I finished with patches, and now game really ready (dont miss current -75% sale :innocent:) :smiley:

Also here I want to say big thanks to players, which reported the game problems:

  • マレクーカレヌ five times for a bugs reports;
  • К.Воробьянинов for a bug report;
  • AFAK for a bug report;
  • Waxarall for a bug report;
  • фонд спидвагона for a typo report;
  • Grey83 for a typo report.

And to others who believed in the game (someone already changed nickname, but it is their fault :D).

And can I somehow update the post picture? I cant edit it.