Game frame rate quadruples for second instance when running in new window

We’ve recently been thrown for a loop when attempting to get performance stats for our game, as we’ve been using the “Play in / New Editor Window” mode to run the game, and this seems to have some major weirdness in performance.

The first time we run our game, it will be at 30 fps consistently right from the start.

Then, we can close that instance and run “Play in / New Editor Window” again, and suddenly it will be at 120 fps right from the start of the game for that instance and all subsequent instances.

This is totally consistent for us and 100% reproducible for me. Here are two screenshots.



It might be fps calculation error on initiation. You can try to profile (Window->Session Frontend->Profiller tab) for more detailed fps it might also hint the cause of this.

Yes – that was it. Clearly this is a bug in the STAT FPS functionality.