[GAME] Final Beginning (Windows Game)


Final Beginning is an interactive exploration narrative experience that will put the player in the role of Eliza, a 25 year old, newly arrived colonist on the Mars city of Isidis, as she explorers her environment to discover the truth behind her current situation.

The game is a short introduction to the story of Eliza and the future of humanity on Mars in 2090.

After playing, please leave any comments and feedback to the developers via the following link

This project is part of a research effort and your responses are important and completely anonymous.

Thanks for checking it out.

Game Details

First Person Exploration / Narrative Experience

W A S D - Movement

E - Use

X or C - Crouch

LShift - Run

1 - Toggle Crouch from ā€œXā€ (default) to ā€œCā€

2 - Toggle mouse-look from inverted (default) to regular non-inverted

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 3.0Ghz Processor

RAM: 4Gb

GPU: GTX 750 or Better

HD: Game download is ~1.3GB and the installed files require at least 1.5Gb of hard drive space, as the download is an installer package.

Supported Platforms: Windows x64

Tee Kit Studios - Developer Credits

Story, Design, Code, Art

Tim Kitevski

Additional Code and Support

Jacob Kreck

Hadyn Lander

Soundtrack and Audio Design

Stephen Callan

Christopher Phillips

Voice Of Eliza

Sarah E. Taylor

Additional Audio Mixing and FMod Integration

Tim Kitevski

Additional Art

Kobra Game Studios

Dawei Zhang (wow7410852)

Pixel Perfect Polygons

Sasha Komendant


Jonathon Frederick



Ashley Lyons

Fabrice Piquet (Froyok)